From the side, answers look like questions.

How can I ‘book’ a greet?

As soon as you plan your Berlin trip (not later than two weeks before your actual arrival) you should fill out our form and give us your favoured date for a “greet”. The earlier we get your requests, the bigger the chance to find you the perfect Greeter.

Can I meet a Greeter several times during my Berlin stay?

At present, we do not have enough volunteers – but many requests for a Greeter meeting. This is why we can only provide one appointment per Berlin visitor.

How much does a “greet” cost?

Berlin Greeter is a completely free offer for Berlin visitors who want to discover Berlin in a new way. Our Greeters are forbidden to take any fees or tips. If you want to support the Berlin Greeter program, you can make a donation.

How do you find the right Greeter for me?

Our database collects all necessary information about our Greeters. With the data provided by your request form (language, special interests, wishes) we will find the best possible Greeter for you.

When will I receive information about my Greeter?

On average, it does not take more than some days to find the perfect Greeter. Should you have special wishes, we could need a bit more time. As soon as we have the right person, we will let you know.

Can I contact my Greeter?

With the confirmation of your “greet” you will also receive all necessary contact information. Please contact your Greeter two days before your meeting and confirm the appointment.

How can I cancel a “greet”?

All of our Greeters are volunteers and share their free time with Berlin visitors. If you have to cancel your meeting for urgent reasons, please tell your Greeter immediately. Your cancellation should arrive at least 24 hours before the appointment. The easiest way is to use our contact form.

Are there regular “greets” with Berlin Greeters?

The idea of Berlin Greeter is the individual experience of every “greet”. This is why we do not offer any regular “greets”.

What is the maximum size of a group?

All of our Greeters are volunteers and no professional tour guides. This is why we limited the maximum group size to six persons. More people would hinder the individual and spontaneous “walk with a friend” philosophy.

Are there Greeter programs in other cities as well?

Yes, the Greeter idea has spread to several cities worldwide. On our site about the Global Greeter Network you can learn more about the different programs.

Where can I get more information?

If you have more questions please contact us via E-Mail or use our contact form.