Meet the Greeters – Berlin from a new perspective!

We have no strong rules about how a ‘greet’ should look like. Every Greeter will focus on his special topic and/or will ask you if you have a special interest. To join a ‘greet’ you have to register not later than two weeks before your arrival in Berlin. It is very easy – just use our application form. According to the information you give us we will find the fitting Greeter for you.

You and the Greeter will meet at an agreed place and start your discovery ‘greet’ through Berlin. Depending on your interest and the Greeter’s schedule the tour will take between two and four hours. You will see his or her favourite places, markets, places, café. The Greeter will share experiences, stories and anecdotes with you – and provide useful tips how to get around in Berlin. A beginner’s class for a fascinating city! The best possible way to make most of your stay in Berlin!

Dry history facts cannot compete with the impressions of a ‘Berlin Greeter’ meeting! See how we live, get to know us better, or maybe even start a new friendship – everything’s possible!